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October 2011

Once Upon a Telegraph

In spite of our amazing array of electronic devices and internet access options developed over the past quarter century, we still stand on the shoulders of giants.  On October 24, 1861, the transcontinental telegraph ushered in the wired age of America.   It was a huge development: near real-time communications from coast-to-coast in a country it took weeks to cross physically.  

Industry Loses Pioneer Bob Galvin

Bob Galvin, former CEO and chairman of Motorola, passed away on October 12 at the age of 89. Bob was inducted into the Wireless Hall of Fame in 2000. He ran Motorola from 1959 until 1990, and led the company from its days as an automotive radio manufacturing company through its evolution into a technology powerhouse encompassing semiconductors, space and military communications, automotive embedded control technologies, and of course, mobile communications.

Wireless Hall of Fame Event a Success

The Wireless History Foundation inducted four new members into the Wireless Hall of Fame on Oct 10 at the US Grant Hotel in San Diego.  Following a reception and dinner, the awards were presented in front of a full house.  Arnold Pohs was inducted, posthumously, in the Service Provider category.  Arnold’s wife Connie, son Glenn, and daughter Wendi accepted the award on his behalf.  Clayton Niles accepted the Hall of Fame award in the Pioneer Category.  Bob Marino received the award in the Industry Associate Category, and Nick Kauser accepted the Hall of Fame a

Impact of Steve Jobs on Wireless History...

When you think of where we were with technology 20 or 25 years ago, you couldn’t imagine where we would be today.  What is being said about Steve Jobs is that he knew what we “the consumer” wanted before even we did.  Well, they got that right.  Most of us had no idea what could be in store for us in the wireless industry.  Not only was Steve Jobs a genius in technology, but he was also a consumer.  He knew that standing out in a crowd of devices in the wireless world took more than presenting a technical aspect.  How about… Is it fun t