Bob Foosaner with daughter Nellie and son Matt Foosaner
Standing ovation for Fred Hillebrand
Fred Hillebrand giving acceptance remarks
Fred Hillebrand and table guests
Charlie Townsend and family
Bob Foosaner giving acceptance remarks, 2017
Bob Foosaner's Table
Ballroom at the Four Seasons San Francisco 2017
Presenters and Award Recipients: Tom Gutierrez, Charlie Townsend, Fred Hillebrand, John Lauer, Bob Foosaner, and Laura Carter
Fred Hillebrand, Jan Uddenfeldt, Marty Cooper
Tom Donohue Jr., Charlie Townsend, Raj Singh
Scott Wagner, Biju Nair, Marty Cooper, Rebekah Griffiths, Sanida Bratt, Thomas Wang, Huang Shunyong, Dave Ronis
Ballroom at the Four Seasons San Francisco 2017
Nellie Foosaner, Bob Foosaner, Mary Beth Hall, Geoff Arnold
John Lauer of Zipwhip presents award to Fred Hillebrand
BlueWater Wireless Guests 2017