Verizon guests at 2016 reception
Back row: Mosaik Solutions guests; front row: John Hoffman, Clare & George Schmitt, and George Foote
Randall Stephenson introduces Ralph de la Vega
Ralph de la Vega presented award by Randall Stephenson
Jeff Brown, Liz Maxfield, John Stanton
Ballroom at the Four Seasons Las Vegas 2016
Dale Hatfield presents award to Flip Porter & Shelby Taylor for their father Phil Porter, and to Dick Frenkiel
Dick Frenkiel gives acceptance remarks 2016
Guests of Dyna LLC at awards dinner
Friends and family of Dick Sherwin at reception
Wyman Taylor, Maizie and Dick Frenkiel, Shelby Porter Taylor
Audience at the Four Seasons Las Vegas 2016
Bob Roche, Bryan Darr, Charlie Townsend, & Scott Bergmann
Randall Stephenson, Ralph de la Vega and his family
Sprint guests at awards dinner 2016
Patrick Melander, Angel Ruiz, Jan Uddenfeldt & Glenn Lurie