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Amos Joel

Amos Joel was an AT&T Bell Labs engineer and inventor who designed and patented automated mobile switching that revolutionized mobile communications and made cellular telephone service possible. Joel is known as the “father of switching” and was granted over 70 patents in his lifetime.  He was also responsible for the Traffic Service Position System (TSPS) used to automate the work of telephone operators, the Automatic Intercept System (AIS) created to automatically handle calls to non-working numbers, and Automatic Message Accounting (AMA) to provide detail billing for telephone calls. Joel’s designs for early digital computers and "cryptanalysis" machines played an important role for the Allies during World War II. After visiting Bell Labs, British computer pioneer Alan Turing incorporated some of Joel's ideas into the digital computer, Colossus, which helped crack Nazi codes. Joel and his colleagues at Bell Labs also designed a scrambler which allowed Winston Churchill to have vital encrypted conversations with Franklin D. Roosevelt. Joel passed away in 2008.

Amos Joel 2012 Induction Video