Project Mission

The Wireless History Foundation was formed in 2008 to create and support programs that connect members of the wireless industry and enable them to contribute to the story of wireless: a story with a rich past, a dynamic present and an exciting future. 

Please join us in chronicling the wireless industry through the following activities.

Acknowledge key individuals through the Wireless Hall of Fame 

The Wireless Hall of Fame Program provides public recognition of outstanding individuals across all segments of the wireless industry.  Nominations for the 2015 Wireless Hall of Fame are due no later than January 30, 2015. Nominations will be accepted in four categories:

  • Service Provider
  • Technology
  • Industry Associate
  • Pioneer

A candidate must be recommended by one nominator and two seconders. Click here to download a nomination form and review eligibility guidelines.  

Honorees will be announced in July and formally inducted at the Wireless Hall of Fame Dinner later in the year.

Make Your Mark on the Wireless Timeline

The story of wireless is built of the experiences of individual contributors and innovative companies, and we need your help to collect and compile this information.  Please visit the Wireless Timeline, and send us information on other significant wireless events or developments for potential inclusion. 

Submit Digital Archives Materials

The Digital Archives Project is focused on the digital preservation of materials produced by participants in the development and growth of the wireless industry prior to 1995.  Materials will be accepted based on a grant to WHF of rights to use the provided materials for the non-commercial, educational purposes of the Foundation. If you or your organization have materials you would like to contribute to this effort, please review the Digital Archives information and contact us for further details.

Preserve Your Wireless History 

Help us understand more about the men and women in the industry – past and present – through recording your stories or the history of your organization.  For suggestions on how to begin, please visit the Project Participation Guide page.